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100 1  Nicol, John. 
245 14 The technical schools of New Zealand :|ban historical 
       survey /|cby John Nicol. 
260    [Wellington, N.Z.] :|bNew Zealand Council for Educational 
300    xii, 250 p. ;|c22 cm. 
490 1  Educational research series ;|vno. 12 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |tForeword by Professor Sir Thomas Hunter, K.B.E. --
       |tIsolated beginnings --|tLectures in science --
       |tMechanics' institutes --|tArt, mining, and agriculture -
       -|tThe Royal Commission of 1879 --|tBickerton's proposals 
       --|tStout's influence --|tSchools of Mines on the 
       goldfields --|tTowards a national policy --|tWellington 
       School of Design --|tDunedin Technical School --|tThe 
       Auckland Technical School --|tThe Canterbury School of 
       Engineering --|tThe Lincoln School of Agriculture --|tThe 
       Otago School of Mines --|tA national policy : the Acts of 
       1895 and 1900 --|tHobgen's influcence --|tRiley's report -
       -|tA period of difficulties --|tSchools of Mines --
       |tEstablishment of technical day schools --|tWellington --
       |tLa Trobe and the day school --|tLa Trobe and evening 
       classes --|tAuckland --|tChristchurch --|tHowell's 
       conception of the day school --|tDunedin --|tOther 
       developments up to 1914 --|tWanganui : instruction in a 
       rural area --|tPalmerston North --|tInvercargill : new 
       functions of a day school --|tNapier, Nelson, Westport --
       |tGrowth of the schools --|tA new era in technical 
       education --|tStaffing of schools --|tLa Trobe as 
       superintendent --|tClassification of teachers --|tAcademic
       influences --|tSalaries --|tEffects of the new regulations
       --|tVarying types of school : 1920-1940 --|tPractical 
       courses in secondary schools --|tCombined schools --|tNew 
       Plymouth --|tNapier --|tNelson --|tWairarapa --|tOther 
       schools : Otahuhu --|tPalmerston North and Invercargill --
       |tHamilton --|tAshburton --|tHutt Valley --|tHorowhenua --
       |tSchools of Art --|tAgricultural instruction --|tLincoln 
       College --|tRuakura and Weraroa --|tAuckland --
       |tChristchurch --|tDistrict High Schools --|tRangiora --
       |tFeilding --|tThe influence of the University Entrance 
       examination --|tEvening classes since 1920 --
       |tTechnological examinations --|tTrade apathy --
       |tApprentices Act, 1923 --|tAdvisory committees --
       |tUnsolved problems --|tThe training of teachers --
       |tEducation for the home --|tEducation for farming --
       |tRetrospect and reflection. 
650  0 Technical education|zNew Zealand|xHistory. 
650  0 Technical institutes|zNew Zealand|xHistory. 
830  0 Educational research series (Wellington, N.Z.) ;|vno. 12. 
866  0 |xThis book has been assessed. Retained because it contain
       information on the history of theTCIs earlier 
       manifestations. Written by John Nicol, first Principal of 
       the TCI. 
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