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Meeting / Event NZARE AARE Conference, (2003 : Auckland, N.Z.)

Title NZARE AARE Conference 2003 : Conference proceedings 29 November - 3 December / Peter L. Jeffery, compiler and editor.

Course 73198.
Publication Coldstream, Vic. : Australian Association for Research in Education, 2003.


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Contents 'I my own professor' : Sylvia Ashton-Warner as New Zealand educational theorist, 1940-1960 / Sue Middleton -- A collaborative self-study into teacher education and social justice / Susan Sandretto -- A connected community : teachers' perceptions of using ICT to meet the needs of indigenous students living away from home / Margaret Lloyd -- A critique of running records / Ken Blaiklock -- A decadic review of PhDs in Australia / Terry Evans -- A mode for in-school teacher professional development : extending on Action Research / Lisa Kervin -- A multi-source measurement approach to the assessment of higher order competencies -- A reciprocal effects model of the causal ordering of academic self-concept and achievement / Herb Marsh -- A Samoan-language immersion centre's journey into action research / Valerie Podmore -- A struggle to be human / Greer White -- A study of ESL students' English ability on a Taiwan institute entrance examination / Frances Choi -- 'A voyage of critical discovery' : examining our conceptions of social justice / Susan Sandretto -- Academic pressure and expectations impacting upon the educational provision in kindergarten / Margot Boardman -- Academic resilience and the four Cs : confidence, control, composure and commitment / Andrew Martin -- Academic researchin in schools - making first contact / Cheryl Sim -- Academics : how do they spend their time? / Helen Forgasz -- Achieving is cool : what we have learned from the AIMHI Project that can help schools better meet the need of their students / Jan Hill -- Actor Network Theory goes to school / Wendy Warren -- Addicted to ACE : exploring the experiences of adult learners / Jane Stewart -- Affective outcomes in the context of school reform / Carl Leonard -- Aligning secondary school classroom culture and pedagogy with attitudinal and achievement outcomes / Robert Cavanagh -- An application of Basil Bernstein to vocational education and training policy in Australia / Ian Robertson -- An evaluation of the quality of teacher feedback to students : a study of numeracy teaching in the primary education sector / Nicky Knight -- An insight into the nature of organizational culture of secondary schools in Malaysia / Nordin Abd Razak -- An intruder in my own world : critical reflective methodology / Beverley Norsworthy -- An investigation of fit : comparison of the 1-, 2-, and 3- parmater IRT models to the asTTLe data / Heidi Leeson -- An overview of an actual and virtual third age learning community in regional Tasmania / June Hazzlewood -- Anti-homophobia education in teacher training courses : perspectives from teacher educators across New South Wales, Australia / Kerry Robinson -- Application of the Rasch model and traditional statistics to develop a measure of primary school classroom learning culture / Robert Cavanagh -- Are beginning teachers with a second degree at a higher risk of early career burnout? / Patrick O'Brien -- Artists who teach / Judith Carroll -- Ashton-Warner and Isaacs : women of vision / G. Marilyn Barlow -- Assessing self-efficacy and agency of secondary students in a multi-cultural context; implications for academic achievement / Deepa Marat -- Assessing the nature of science in Singaporean pre-service teachers / Michael Lip Thye Tan -- Assessment and learning styles; mix and match or mismatch? / Monique Osborn -- Australian National Identity : adolescents' conceptions of what it means to be Australian / Nola Purdie -- Back from the dark side : reclaiming 'quality' in the pursuit of a transformative education agenda / Leonie Rowan -- Balancing demands : exploring the dilemmas that can arise in evaluation research / Fiona Beals -- Bastards of the bush : towards and indigenous Australian research methodology / William Oates -- 'Because I stayed' : Aboriginal secondary school students who remain at high school / Geoff Munns -- Becoming an adult, and negotiating class-gender-ethnic identity in Japan : the 13 years since leaving school / Kaori Okano -- Beginning the journey of widescale ICt infusion into a B Ed (Teaching) programme : understanding change processes / Ruth Williams -- Behavioural studies as a humanistic alternative to APS accredited psychology courses : escaping the Skinner box / Maurie Hasen -- Between a flax and a mangrove : theories of human development for Aotearoa / Lise Bird -- Beyond instructional leadership : towards pedagogic leadership / Neil MacNeill -- Biculturalism in New Zealand secondary schools / Carolyn Stirling -- Bloodied but unbowed - the effect on New Zealand secondary school teachers' work and lives of the neoliberal reforms of the 1990's - a union perspective / Judie Alison -- Boss of our story / Janinka Greenwood -- Boys, education and spirituality : a forgotten factor / Andrew Smith -- Breaking new ground : implementing a cross-centre combined assessment task / Brent Mawson -- Breaking the cycle of office referrals & suspensions : a strategy for defensive management / Barry Fields -- Breaking the self-concept enhancement conundrum : re-conceptualising the next generation of self-concept enhancement research / Rhonda Craven -- Bridging children's early education transitions through teacher collaboration / Aline-Wendy Dunlop -- Bringing home the body : bi/multi racial Maori women's hybridity in Aotearoa/New Zealand / Tess Moeke Maxwell -- Building interactive relationships : the risks, dilemmas and learning initiatives associated with partnerships with 'real' purpose / Colleen Cooling -- Building on a successful conference : the genesis of a textbook / Judith Plessis -- Can Big Brother watch? The challenges of interative video teaching / Lucia Zundans -- Can we promote collaboration in and amidst a culture of performativity? / Dawn Penney -- Career aspirations of potential applicants for principal positions for Catholic schools : an Australian perspective / Tony D'Arbon -- Changing institutional cultures to improve student outcomes : emerging themes from the literature / Nick Zepke -- Child panic and child protection policy : a critical examination of polices from NSW and Queensland / Judyth Sachs -- Children starting school : images from children's picture books / Sue Dockett -- Children's self-concept in relation to the quality of school Physical Education programs / Xiaoli Jiang -- Chinese student teachers' achievement goal orientations. Does collectivism really matter? / Man-Tak Leung -- Class size : research and strategic implementation / Richard Harker -- Coaching teachers : effective professional development but difficult to achieve / Kay Hawk -- Coeducation : still a risky venture? / Sue Bennett -- Coercion, self-regulation and tertiary education / Craig Ashcroft -- Collegial learning and collective capacities / Helen Woodward -- Community and blonging online : factors affecting student enthusiasm, attitude and learning in a teacher education programme / Bill Ussher -- Competent / not yet competent - what does this mean in a manual handling training program? / Kathryn Nicholson -- Complexity in research: the risky business of including it / Jeanette Rhedding -- Comprehension after one year at school / Susan Werner -- Compulsory testing : salutory tales and their implications for New Zealand education / Helen Dixon -- Conceptualising student's goals and self-concept as multidimensional and hierarchically structured / Dennis McInerney -- Conceptualising the information and communication technologies (ICTs) journeys of future teachers and practising teachers : findings, challenges and reflections ? Glenn Finger -- Constructing globalisation in international higher education / Mary Dixon -- Constructing relationships for learning / Judith Peters -- Constructions of primary teaching practice in the wake of 90s reforms / Terry Locke -- 'Corporate care' : disguising sexism in academic workplace discourses in a 'post-feminist' age / Teresa Moore -- Criticisms and accommodations : The Thomas Report and Catholic secondary education in New Zealand / Jenny Collins -- Cultivating 'The Seventh Sense' - metacognitive strategising in a New Zealand secondary classroom / Helen Nicholls -- Culture and classroom communication : a case study of Asian students in New Zealand / Mingsheng Li -- Current trends in teacher education : some theoretical implications / Julie Ballantyne.
Defining learning communities / Sue Kilpatrick -- Describing pre-university students' learning strategies using the Rasch Model / Sadiah Baharom -- Designing an innovative regional teacher preparation program : meeting the challenges / Elizabeth Hatton -- Designing video-based multimedia curriculum for teacher learning / Deidre Le Fevre -- Developing intellectual, social and emotional literacy through dance education / Susan F. Graham -- Developing interdisciplinary research graduates : educational opportunities and dilemmas / Catherine Manathunga -- Developing primary students' group metacognitive processes in a computer supported collaborative learning environment / Christina Chalmers -- Developing restorative practices in schools : flavour of the month or saviour of the system? / Wendy Drewery -- Development and content of teachers' teaching model knowledge / Donetta Cothran -- Development and validation of a Rasch Model scale to measure student information and communication technology learning outcomes, behaviours and attitudes / Robert Cavanagh -- Development of a new measurement tool for individualism and collectivism / Boaz Shulruf -- Dialogue journals :how year-10 English students used them with studies of rebellion to engage in reflective thinking / Gaylene Denford-Wood -- Dilemmas in the support of elementary and secondary education / Anne Jefferson -- Dilemmas of school governance : markets or mission? / Lesley Payne -- Disaggregating rural education in NSW : methodological and ethical issues in making public data public knowledge / Tom Maxwell -- Disentangling indigenous students' aspirations : a critical analysis elucidating dreams and realities / Rhonda Craven -- Distributed learning environment in multicultural context : a symposium / Madhumita Bhattacharya -- Diversity discourses / diversity experiences : teaching for and with cultural diversity / Jennifer Merton -- Do my self-beliefs lead me to bully or be bullied? An investigation into the causal relations between bullying, victimisation and self-concept / Roberto Parada -- Do South Korean adult learners like native English speaking teachers more than Korean teachers of English? / Song-Ae Han -- Do we know who we are teaching? Teacher education undergraduates' views of the world / Anthea Taylor -- Drawing on a Foucaultian genealogy to consider the construction of psychopathology and sexualities in young people / Valerie Harwood -- ECU Swan Partnership - the Greenmount Primary School Experience / Bev Yardley -- Education reconstruction in East Timor : the case of a transitional society / Jaya Earnest -- Educational research : from (post-)structural dilemmas to communicational trilemmas / Sigmund Ongstad -- E-Learning professional development : 're-envisioning' pedagogy in schools / Margaret Robertson -- Employers' and students' perceptions of electronic employment portfolios / Brad Temple -- Employment aspirations of newly qualified teachers : a case study of the 2002 cohort from a regional Australian university / Ted Booth -- Engaging programs : how are Australian schools responding to low student retention? / David Zyngier -- Enhancing creativity through investigative practical work in science / Mavis Haigh -- Enhancing family literacy in rural Atlantic Canada / Vianne Timmons -- Entering the field of research : a beginning Indigenous reseacher's experience / Jeannie Herbert -- Enterprising students in an enterprising school / Jayne Keogh -- Establishing the validity of a performance assessment in numeracy / Rosemary Callingham -- Ethical dilemmas in the conduct of research in Indigenous education : guidelines for ethical research versus the practice of research / Graeme Gower -- Evaluating a specific mentoring intervention for preservice teachers of primary science / Peter Hudson -- Evaluating self-concept interventions from a multidimensional perspective : a meta-analysis / Alison O'Mara -- Exciting teaching and learning when multiple models are used to explain chemistry ideas / Allan Harrison -- 'Exemplary practice'- so called? Dilemmas in reporting / Pat Grant -- Exploring perceptions of 'significant change' in reforming schools / Rosemary Le Cornu -- Exploring possibilities through critical race theory : exemplary pedagogical practice for Indigenous students / Helen McDonald -- First to fourth to thirteenth and (in all probability), still dropping? New Zealand's international literacy results : some personal thoughts about the reasons for the 'gap' / Keith Greaney -- Fostering physical activity for children in child care / Justen O'Connor -- Frameworks for transcribing and analyzing discourse of the classroom / Marie-Therese Jensen -- Framing leadership in Queensland Catholic schools / Gayle Spry -- Freshmen's and seniors' thoughts about education, professional identity and work / Håkan Hult -- Future directions for intervention programs addressing masculinities and resilience for at-risk boys / Julia Tilling -- Game, set and match : bureaucracy 1, schools 0 : time to change the rules? / Neil Cranston -- Gender construction, through the hidden curriculum, in New Zealand physical education / Kirsten Petrie -- Gender differences in perceptions of school climate : a longitudinal study of school reform / Shirley Yates -- Gendered constructions of space : experiences and negotiations of 'male spaces' by women studying IT degrees / Katrina Markwick -- Gendered identities in the drama classroom : knowing self and others / Debbie Owens -- Genre learning and development : a Bakhtinian perspective / Honglin Chen -- Getting the most from school administration teams : understanding the dynamics, the realities and the possibilities / Neil Cranston -- Getting to the heart of servant leadership : an exploration of multi-strategy methodology / Howard Youngs -- Globalisation and postcolonialism : reflections on post-apartheid educational restructuring in South Africa / Pam Christie -- Governing communities : the real possibility of parent choice in schooling / Kym Macfarlane -- Government policies and processes for the support of the education of disadvantaged students in Australian schools / Roberta Ayres -- Graduate perceptions of their university study and its contribution toward the development of their workplace competence / Alan Richardson -- Graduate programs for students working in the ECEC sector / Karen Noble -- Great expectations : implications for New Zealand students / Christine Rubie -- Habermas and the lifeworld of the principal in the lawful governance of inclusion in schools / Mary Keeffe -- He Rangahau ki tä Te Huarahi Mäori : reflections on research methodologies for Maori contexts / Ripeka Martin -- Hiding in the shadows : the risks and dilemmas of plagiarism in student academic writing / Wendy Sutherland-Smith -- Holding a mirror to professional learning / Susan Groundwater-Smith -- Hot action : the vulnerability of analysing one's decision-making collegially / David Giles -- How does changing the question result in children changing their answers? / Tamsin Meaney -- How policy about entry to secondary education turned into a dispute about female brains / Geraldine McDonald -- Identifying and describing teachers' scaffolding practices in mathematics / Di Siemon -- Indigenous research : a communal act / Jeannie Herbert -- Indigenous students aspirations : an in-depth analysis of indigenous students' career aspirations and factors that impact on their formulation / Kurt Marder -- Information and communication technologies : are Maori students disadvantaged in tertiary education? / Kathleen Corscadden -- Innovation and collaborative research development in an early childhood centre / Jan Taouma -- Innovative pathways from secondary school : gaining a sense of direction / Sally Boyd -- Inquiry learning, modelling and a philosophy of chemistry teaching / Allan Harrison -- Inside/outside cultural hybridity : greenstone as narrative provocateur / Tess Moeke Maxwell -- Insider research : the implications of conducting research in your home locale / Elaine Rabbitt -- Insiders' voices : self-assessment and student engagement / Helen Woodward -- International aid activities in mathematics education in a developing country : a call for further research / Bill Atweh -- Internships : are they for all? / Lorelei Carpenter -- Investigating the classroom practices of secondary mathematics teachers in the township schools of South Africa / Mapula Gertrude Ngoepe -- Is 'education' becoming irrelevant in our research? / Scott Webster -- Is there a gender issue? Primary student teachers' perceptions of their background and confidence in relation to music and music teaching / Deirdre Russell-Bowie -- Is there a need for cyberethics infusion in the middle school curriculum? / Sharmini Thurairasa -- Is this really what you mean? Problems of perception in primary science assessment questions / Hong Kwen Boo -- Issues in researching Australian governments' school education digital technologies policies / Kathryn Moyle -- It's a risky business : the place of risk within the curriculum / Ros Sullivan.
Kaupapa Maori theory : theorising indigenous transformation of education & schooling / Graham Hingangaroa Smith -- Keeping ourselves honest? Research relations in data collection / Natasha Wright -- Knowing ourselves : a theoretical model of culture / Elizabeth Godfrey -- Knowledge and understanding of Asia : using a common item pool to gain a national picture / Kerry Woods -- Knowledge management in educational settings : strategies, problems and solutions / Barbara Friehs -- Leadership development : a study of the relative influence of educational mechanisms / Keith Thomas -- Leadership development for collaborative practice / Donna Behl -- Leadership for organisational learning and improved student outcomes / Bill Mulford -- Leadership of school renewal: a qualitative study of five principals engaged in whole of school renewal / Steffan Silcox -- Leading technologies : a mid-term analysis of a longitudinal study into the integration of learning technologies in NSW public schools / Debra Hayes -- Learning communities' contribution to educational improvement : joint participation for mutual gain in early childhood education / Margot Boardman -- Learning communities today - who benefits? / Lorelei Carpenter -- Learning 'Through' or Learning 'About'? The ridiculous and extravagant medium of opera : Gardner's multiple intelligences in pre-service teacher education / Julie White -- Learning to be a teacher - examining the role of self as researcher in a phenomenological study / Simone White -- Learning to listen to Indigenous voice : dialogue and dilemmas / Faith Irving -- Linking statutory child protection / youth justice systems and schools in an Australian context : the useful role of a social worker / Bruce Knight -- Listen to the learner/Whakarongo Ki Te Akonga. Behaviour management : reframing classroom practice / Jeanne Sheehan -- Local area education planning and the reform of secondary education / Rose Moroz -- Low decile schools and teacher atttributes; parent voices / Vicki Carpenter -- Making a Difference? Education and ability in physical education / John Evans -- Managing technological effects in education / Brian Cusack -- Mature-aged students : Using MI theory to map abilities and potential / Pauline Lysaght -- Maturing school-community partnerships : developing learning communities in rural Australia / Sue Kilpatrick -- Measuring parents and students' attitudes towards schooling / Thi Kim Cuc Nguyen -- Meeting the challenge of providing higher education for 'at risk' students : the dilemmas, risks and opportunities of experiential learning research / Laurel Hunt -- Mental computation strategies for part-whole numbers / Annaliese Caney -- Mental Toughness : is the mental toughness test tough enough? / Cory Middleton -- Mentoring : bridging the identity crisis for beginning teachers / Eleanor Peeler -- Mentors as bridge builders : the foundations of a successful internship program / Reyna Zipf -- Metacognition : self-concept, personality and cognitive correlates / Herb Marsh -- Metacognitive intervention strategy and word problem solving in a cognitive-apprenticeship-computer-based environment / Su Kwang Teong -- Methodological challenges in evaluating the cognitive constraints of children's reasoning in art / Karen Maras -- Methodology and interpretive procedures in educational research : risk, imagination and reflexivity / Elizabeth Grierson -- Models of parent-professional partnership in special education / Barbara Perry -- Moralising risky environments : the ethical and political nature of environmental education research / Mike Danaher -- Motivational goals and school achievement Lebanese-background students in South Western Sydney / Rosemary Suliman -- Moving beyond 'tips for teachers' : learning to be a gender equity consultant / Leonie Seaton -- Multidimensional vs. unidimensional perspectives of self-concepts in adolescent mental health / Herb Marsh -- Multimodal texts : numeracy development in naturalistic learning contexts / Thomas Lowrie -- 'My drawing sucks!' Children's beliefs in themselves as artists / Rosemary Richards -- 'My teacher exclaims, "That's stupid!" and rolls her eyes' : the risks and dilemmas of student teachers working in two communities of practice / Marilyn Fleer -- Negative effects of academically selective schools on academic self-concept : crosscultural comparisons of Australian results with those in 26 countries / Kit-Tai Hau -- New theoretical perspectives on bullying broadening our understanding of the psychology of peer abuse / Jean Healey -- New Zealand Curriculum Exemplars : mist or must for teachers? / Jenny Poskitt -- 'Oh, you're thinking' : Peer effects in negotiating participation in the adjustment to school / Bill Hagan -- On the governance of public education / Richard Bates -- On track toward inclusive education / Michelle Aniftos -- One language - three nations : perspectives on experiences in the teaching of reading / Jane Tilson -- Online curriculum delivery as a means of assisting at-risk students to complete subjects at senior secondary school level / Bronte Nicholls -- Online teaching and learning? A 'new' academic's experience of online teaching / Muriel Wells -- Opening Pandora's Box : ethical dilemmas in literacy research / Robyn Henderson -- Order and mess in early childhood settings : a psychological perspective / Leonid Grebennikov -- Orienting dialogue about school renewal / Peter Reynolds -- Parent partnerships in primary schools : an emerging model / Janelle Young -- Pasifika students in New Zealand schools : some explanations for their literacy performance / John Dickie -- Pathways, incentives and barriers for women aspiring to principalship in Australian Catholic schools / Helga Neidhart -- Peers helping peers : the effectiveness of a peer support program in enhancing self-concept and other desirable outcomes / Louise Ellis -- PhD students' evaluations of research supervision : issues, complexities and challenges in a nationwide Australian experiment in benchmarking universities / Herb Marsh -- Planning an experimental methodology for measuring cognitive performance : involving spatial relations and logical reasoning / Elspeth McKay -- Posing and solving problems in open-ended investigations : authentic tasks with Grade 1 children / Thomas Lowrie -- Positive and negative ability beliefs among Navajo High School students : how do they relate to students' school achievement goals? / John Hinkley -- Postgraduate teachers' commitment to teach Aboriginal Studies in Australian schools / Janet Mooney -- Post-progressivism and the body of writing / Megan Watkins -- Practical activities : what science teaching can learn from primary classrooms / John Cripps Clark -- Predicting patterns of early literacy achievement : a longitudinal study / Janelle Young -- Preservice teachers' epistemological beliefs and conceptions about teaching and learning : cultural implications for research in teacher education / Kwok-wai Chan -- Pre-service teachers' explanations of two mathematical concepts / Helen Chick -- Professional development in non-aversive intervention strategies : bridging the divide between the academic institution and the workplace / Patricia O'Brien -- Professional paradoxes : context for development of beginning teacher identity and knowledges / Julie White -- Profiling reading comprehension in Mangere Schools : a research and development collaboration / Mei Kuin Lai -- Project-based learning meets the iternet : students' experiences of online projects / Susan Harriman -- Putting learning to work : the distance learner and transfer of learning / Stephanie Doyle -- Qualitative analysis of graduate comments and the development of course domains / Alan Richardson -- Quality improvement of university teaching : risks and dilemmas for academics / Julianne Lynch -- Questions of recruitment and retention from Auckland's south west / Tracy Hansen.
Re(forming) the 'physical' in a curriculum/pedagogy for health : a socio-ecological perspective / Brian Wattchow -- Reactions and responses : the concept of learning networks / Annelies Kamp -- Receptivity of teachers to implementing new strategies for literacy teaching / Gary Partington -- Recommendations for the development of an ICT curriculum integration performance measurement instrument : focusing on student use of ICTs / Glenn Finger -- Re-conceptualizing achievement goals from a cultural perspective / Chi-Hung Ng -- Reconceptualizing educational engagements between museums and schools / Donna Mathewson -- Relations between academic self-concept and achievement in Mathematics and language : cross-cultural generalisability / Kit-Tai Hau -- Relations between elite athlete self-concept and international swimming performance / Clark Perry -- Relevance of vocational educational training assessment for classes in industry and registered training organisations / Zora Malic -- Research at arm's length : the risks of doing research in remote locations / Gary Partington -- Research or professional development? / Eileen Honan -- Re-SEARCH relationships : a systems approach to mathematics education using the metaphor of a search as a paradigm for classroom teaching and learning / Noel Geoghegan -- Researching home page authorship of adults with learning disabilities : issues and dilemmas / Jane Seale -- Responding to responses : interaction between Indigenous Australian students and their non-Indigenous teachers / Ann Galloway -- Restructuring towards mainstream / Monte Himone Aranga -- Rethinking Aboriginal history : self-concept for a nation / James Wilson-Miller -- Review of the regulatory framework for Western Australian government schools / Karen Trimmer -- Risks and dilemmas, virtues and vices : engaging with stakeholders and gatekeepers in Australian Traveller education research / Patrick Danaher -- Roadblocks, detours, dead-ends and thoroughfares : Creating a road map to navigate through the research methodology labyrinth / Jo Luck -- Safety in numbers? : teacher collegiality in the risk-conscious school / Erica McWilliam -- School leaders as mediators of reform / Leanne Crosswell -- Secondary school principals as curriculum leaders : a New Zealand study / Carol Cardno -- Seeing practice anew : improving learning at the museum / Susan Groundwater-Smith -- Seen but not heard : risks and dilemmas of researching women / Teresa Moore -- Self in situ : locating self-concept & self-concept research in theoretical, individual & relational contexts / Martin Dowson -- Self-concept during the transition to secondary school : turmoil or normative adjustment? / Jacqueline Downs -- Self-esteem, depression and risk-taking behaviour in adolescent girls / Marion Kostanski -- Self-identity and positive outcomes of schooling for indigenous Australian students / Nola Purdie -- Shaping the self through psychotherapeutic means : gender and cross-generational perspectives / Julie McLeod -- Small school principalship - is Section 76 still adequate? / Graham Collins -- Social investment ... fact or fiction / Helen Heery -- Sociocultural and activity theory : envisioning agendas for research, theory and practice / Jennifer Vadeboncoeur -- Some factors underlying high and low achievement in PISA / Steven May -- Student dilemmas - responses to systemic policy change at the grassroots / Karin Oerlemans -- Student learning in the arts / Chris Holland -- Student mobility - reasons, consequences and interventions / Reesa Sorin -- Student performance and spatial orientation : a qualitative perspective / Judy Williams -- Student self-assessment in a Bachelor of Physical Education course / Bruce Ross -- Student teacher professional agency in the practicum / Margaret Turnbull -- Students' ideas about their future work : using research approaches for curriculum development in legal studies / Anna Reid -- Students' use of and perspectives on Rubrics? / Donetta Cothran -- Supporting success in mainstream education for pupils with autistic spectrum disorders / Aline-Wendy Dunlop -- Supporting virtual learning teams with conversation visualizations / Peter Reimann -- Synergetic focus groups : attending to risks and dilemmas associated with researching sensitive, personal or controversial issues in education / Anthony Willmett -- Taking a closer look at adolescent girls with anorexia nervosa. How different are they to non-clinical adolescent girls in terms of self-concept and body image? / My Trinh Ha -- Teacher education and critical inquiry : opening vistas on teaching practice / Brenton Doecke -- Teacher education between aesthetics, epistemology and ethics - focusing Mother Tongue Education / Sigmund Ongstad -- Teacher education : reviewed to the eyeballs but where is the evidence of significant and meaningful change? / Michael Dyson -- Teacher practice and the integration of ICT : why aren't our secondary school teachers using computers in their classrooms? / Lorrae Ward -- Teachers and academics co-constructing the category of expert through meeting talk / Graeme Hall -- Teachers' control and students' motivation / Selina Akhter -- Teachers' instructional conceptions : assessment's relationship to learning, teaching, curriculum, and teacher efficacy / Gavin Brown -- Teaching as emotional work : constructing positive professional relationships between of teacher educators and pre-service teachers / Barbara Garrick -- Teaching for the 'New Work Order' : empowerment or exploitation? / Ninetta Santoro -- Teaching preservice teachers Aboriginal Studies : what really works? / Janet Mooney -- Teaching the teachers Aboriginal studies makes a real difference : a critical analysis of the impact of core Aboriginal studies teacher education courses on postgraduate teachers' self-perceptions / James Wilson-MIller -- Teaching the teachers Aboriginal Studies : illuminating successful strategies / Janet Mooney -- Tertiary students' views of group work in mathematics / Sabita D'Souza -- Testing for teaching : a longitudinal formative assessment project / John Izard -- The accomplished teacher as mentor / Anne Power -- The ADHD debate and the philosophy of truth / Gordon Tait -- The appropriateness of professional judgment to determine performance rubrics in competency based assessments / Andrea Bateman -- The Beyond Bullying Program : an innovative program empowering teachers to counteract bullying in schools / Roberto Parada -- The challenge of researching accessibility practices within Higher Education : an exploration of 'shared enterprises' or 'political games'? / Jane Seale -- The chicken and the egg : causal ordering of goals and self-concept and its effect on academic achievement / Martin Dowson -- The continuing education of independent universities in Taiwan, the Republic of China / Cheng Nan Chang -- The cultural interface of the Kaupapa Maori Praxis - its not a Wananga phenomena / Meremaihi Williams -- The dilemma of incorporating a spiritual perspective in science education / Beverley Jane -- The dilemmas of bicultural education policy in art education practice in Aotearoa New Zealand / Jill Smith -- The elaboration of the student self and persistence in higher education / Louise Horstmanshof -- The first two cycles of New Zealand's National Education Monitoring Project : 1995 -1998 and 1999 - 2002 / Lester Flockton -- The getting of access : trials and tribulations of the novice researcher / Anthea Taylor -- The impact of transformational leadership style of the school principal on school learning environments and selected teacher outcomes : a preliminary report / Alan Barnett -- The importance of adult's conceptions of the environment for education / Peter Petocz -- The internationalisation of the New Zealand secondary schooling sector : reviewing the recent trends / Richard Smith -- The logic of equity practice in education Queensland 2010 / Sandra Taylor -- The Macarthur Model for comprehensive intervention in bullying in schools : a methodology for a customised response / Jean Healey -- The physical self-concept : what does it mean to be old; What does it mean to be young? / Garry Richards -- The PlaySmart Programme. 'Thinking through Physical Education' / Thomas Bell -- 'The power of collegiality and collective thought' in effective school-based teacher learning / Susanne Owen -- The power of labeling discourse in the construction of disability in Ghana / Joseph Seyram Agbenyega -- The professional socialisation of teachers in transition : a values perspective / Wee Tiong Seah -- The Reflective Journal : implications for professional learning / Maggie Clarke -- The risk in renewal : building whole school resilience / Robert Andrew.
The self : how does it relate to locus of control, quality of life and adaptive behaviour for people with mild intellectual disabilities? / Roselyn Dixon -- The Self-Defining Other - English as a second language teachers talk about their students / Jill Brown -- The Team Balancing Act - enhancing knowledge-building activity in on-line learning communities / Alan Roberts -- The transition from university to teaching in schools : what knowledge counts, what counts as knowledge? Listening to graduate teacher's voices / Susan Krieg -- The use of strategy windows to select an assessment form for students' numeracy learning / Jenny Young-Loveridge -- The use of structured data to facilitate informed school based decision making and planning / Peter Kilpatrick -- The vocabulary of statistical literacy / Jane M Watson -- Third age learners and new technology : Issues affecting access and use / June Hazzlewood -- Time for balance in pre-service teacher education : renewal based on thinking and judging / Michael Dyson -- Towards an agenda for helping the beginning teacher :tuning-in to their voices on concerns and best help / Isabella Wong Yuen-Fun -- Towards the autodidact worker : a new learning strategy for corporations / James Shields -- Transtion from primary school to secondary school : the beginning of a journey / Gay Sweetser -- Troubling identities : teacher education students' constructions of class and ethnicity / Ninetta Santoro -- Understanding scaffolding and the ZPD in educational research / Irina Verenikina -- Union educators : hidden strategists? / Joce Jesson -- Unlocking indigenous educational disadvantage : indigenous community members' perceptions of self-concept research as a potent potential key / Rhonda Craven -- Using an e-learning platform to craft 'National Education' project tasks / Angela Wong -- Using mentored learning to support pre-service teachers in child protection / Faye McCallum -- Ways of knowing in assessing the PhD and ramifications for the role of the supervisor / Terence Lovat -- Webfolio - using electronic portfolios in preservice teacher education / Reesa Sorin -- Web-supported teaching as a reflective tool in constructive alignment / Ayshe Talay-Ongan -- What do teachers gain from their pre-service research? / Wally Moroz -- What does a more knowledgeable peer mean? A socio-cultural analysis of group interaction in a Vietnamese classroom / Huong Le -- What Indigenous students think about school and is it any different from the Anglos? / Dennis McInerney -- What it takes to be the best : contradicting views of culture and pedagogy in the world's leading academic nation / Noel Geoghegan -- Where are beginning teachers' stories about learning to teach in culturally and socially diverse classrooms? / Rachel Patrick -- Whistle While You Work? Copyright, education, and the 'man in the street' / Trevor Thwaites -- Who guards the guardians now? Ethical dilemmas in conducting school-based research / Judith Gill -- Who teaches teachers to teach? The role of the classroom teacher in teacher education / Ann Baxter -- Why stay on at school? Two stories of student attitudes to school in a rural and a suburban community / Jill Blackmore -- Why University? A case of socio-cultural reproduction in disadvantaged secondary schools / Deb Tranter -- Working together : strategies for developing effective professional relationships in the practicum / Jenny Ferrier-Kerr -- Working with teachers : beliefs, experiences and the creative arts (drama) / Rachel Darell -- Writing educational research as a script for a stage-play / Gary Guiver -- Year 12 students as leaders : an inclusive approach / Helga Neidhart -- You think you have problems with your research participants? My research subjects don't have a pulse! / Jo Luck.
Summary: Contains the papers presented at the Conference held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and the University of Auckland.
Course Further Resource 73198.
ISSN 1324-9339
Subjects Education -- New Zealand -- Congresses.
Education -- Congresses.
Education -- Research -- Congresses.
Other Author Jeffery, Peter L.
Corporate Author New Zealand Association for Research in Education.
Australian Association for Research in Education.
Portion of Title New Zealand Association for Research in Education, Australian Association for Research in Education Conference 2003
Other Title Educational research, risks & dilemmas